Detect the most dominant colors

Color Lens takes your device's camera and turns it into a real time color sampler tool. The app finds the most dominant colors and updates them every second based on the camera preview.

Whether you're a design professional looking to capture that sunset into a spectacular color palette, or just an awesome person seeking the perfect color for your bedroom wall, Color Lens will deliver.

Pause the action

Found just the right colors you were looking for? The sampling can be paused and resumed by tapping the preview circle.

Get the closest matching color name

For the most dominant color the app also matches the closest named color from over two thousand colors. No more wondering whether this is #redorgreen, #whiteandgold or more like #blackandblue.

View color codes in multiple formats

Color codes can be viewed in RGB, Hex and HSB formats, ready to be used in your next design. Just tap the color code to change the format.

Preview colors in full screen and save them

With a long tap on a desired color the app opens a full screen preview where the color can be saved as an image together with the selected color code format.

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